The Solution to Back Pain in Baton Rouge

Lower back pain is an epidemic in our society today.  If you don't have it, you know someone within an arm's reach that does.  This painful problem is a result of several factors...poor posture, inflammation in the vertebral joints and sacroiliac joints , weakness in the muscles that create stabilization of the spine, pelvis, torso (core), and bad nutrition, just to name a few. 

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Baton Rouge Training and Holistic Rehabilitation: A Look Back at 10 Years

Ten years.  Wow does time fly.  Reflecting back on the past ten years is very humbling for me.  I remember how excited I was looking at my first location on Perkins road before signing the lease.  I got to work painting that small 1,200 square foot studio that very day.  I was the only employee, which means I was the head trainer, the janitor, the book keeper, head of advertising, and wore every other hat this small business needed. 

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Personal Training in Baton Rouge: Training at Trinity

The first thing we do here at Trinity is a very thorough musculoskeletal evaluation that includes various orthopedic evaluations such as posture, muscular length tension, joint range of motion, measurement of spinal curves, movement screens, biomechanical screens, nutrition and lifestyle analysis and much more

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                                                                            January 2016
written by Chris Wall

One of the most commonly asked questions that I am approached with when someone is adamant about losing weight is....


“What's the best type of cardio for me to lose weight?”


It is a great question!


Most people misinterpret this challenge. There is a broad variation of ways to utilize your heart, lungs, arteries, blood, and veins. (Get a jumpstart for your fitness: free consultation) For instance - walking, running, biking, and using an elliptical are all cardio workouts, however, they lack one of the main components of being fit:




AKA: your abdominal muscles, hidden 6 pack, stomach, waist, or your core


Core strength is one of the most essential and beneficial attributes to have when losing weight. It is one of the most important assets in everyday activities, along with major health benefits. (Here’s one: having a healthy core can reduce the risk of multiple injuries!!)


Every movement pattern utilizes the core as its platform. It is important for the simplest of things such as bending over to pick up a pen off the floor, walking, or even standing still. Essentially, having a well built core leads to a better and healthier life.  Believe it! (Show me how)


Properly building up your core strength improves balance, stability, and posture. It can also prevent injuries, back-pains, and even falling! The better your core strength is, the harder you will be able to push yourself without injury and the more calories you will burn during your cardio workouts AND EVERY SINGLE MOVE YOU MAKE ALL DAY.  


Simply: With a strong core, you will be able to put in the physical work needed to increase metabolic rate and in turn burn the most calories which equals weight loss.

Once your core is strong enough to handle my FAVORITE cardio exercise which is "HIIT" High Intensity Interval'll be up-regulating your thyroid, increasing your metabolic rate, and losing weight in no time!


So the answer you were interested just became the answer you were hoping for- Your favorite cardio exercise or what I like to call your “Cardio of Choice” burns the most calories when you have a great or strong core.  


Because of the unique nature of Trinity Holistic Health & Training compared to the dozens of “gyms” in the greater Baton Rouge area, we pay close attention to the proper execution of your program to insure you are getting a strong core.  My philosophy of living a holistic lifestyle drove me to establish Trinity so that I can help you understand and incorporate it into your life as well.  I know the benefits and pure joy of this lifestyle as well as walking it out with each of our clients.  It is and has been truly rewarding.


Don’t you want to perfectly execute these exercise (claim a free consultation) so that you can avoid injury and get the maximum result for your effort?




1.      SQUATS

2.      LUNGES





7.      RUNNING 

8.      WALKING

9.      SWIMMING




You can meet with me or a member of my team to discus proper form and/or preexisting conditions that are holding you back from exercise and living a healthy pain free lifestyle by clicking here. Ask any of our members why they choose to train here.  Most have a story about the problems they experienced that brought them here and also why they continue to train here.  It’s an amazing atmosphere in here because of it.


We provide you with all the necessities of building a strong core. Our goal is to provide you with the RIGHT knowledge in order for you to lead a healthy life, and the confidence to get through everyday challenges. 


You can also check out our Facebook page too! Or better yet come in and let us show you. (Reserve my spot). We hope to see you soon.

Yours In True Health,
Chris Wall

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