Kenneth Dunaway


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the professionals at Trinity Holistic Health & Training for their guidance and inspiration. They have been instrumental in my multifaceted plan of recovery for a seriously herniated lumbar disk with hemorrhage on my spinal cord in which surgery was a very real prospect that I wanted to avoid at all cost. 

I trusted them with this condition based on experience with their proven methods. I had previously referred my wife for strengthening work due to a diagnosed hip dysplasia condition that can easily lead to global hip replacement. Prior to working with Trinity she couldn't jog across the street to get the mail without pain. Now she is performing complex weight bearing resistance work, ballet workouts and yoga. 

Now back to my condition. My disk pathology was so severe as to cause radicular hip joint pain which affected my gait. I was prepared for a minimum 2 year recovery that was cut in half with their techniques. We used a combination of holistic and western medicine approach to rehab this deficit. I received an in depth evaluation and then tailored monitored rehab sessions combined with a home routine that worked quite well with my thought process and lifestyle. 

I have actually incorporated quite a number of the techniques into my medical practice for my own patients. This holistic well thought out approach to healing has been a Godsend to me and those who depend on me. 


Kenneth Dunaway Pa-C



Claudette St. Amant



I began working out with Chris 10 years ago after spending most of my adult life simply working out on my own. The value of a personal trainer is something that I had heard about, but not experienced at the time. Chris pointed out weak areas in my muscle groupings and strengthened muscles I did not know I even possessed and more than that, he worked on my balance. As a mid-60 year old woman now, balance and strength are more important than ever. I have a very strong core muscle development and luckily, have not developed arthritis pain. I am able to participate in many physical activities with our six grandchildren!

In the past ten years, I have endured several surgeries and Chris has been there to rehab me through them all, including orthopedic surgeries. He was invaluable at monitoring my gait with knee surgery and improving my hip flexors. I don’t think I would have done as well without his services.

I find the services at Trinity Holistic Health & Training to be encompassing because when I struggle with a pain, Chris immediately gets a massage therapist in to work on the sore area and we begin to strengthen that weak muscle. In addition to muscle training, I also participate in Pilates with Melissa McGehee—who is fabulous as well.

All in all, I find that Trinity Holistic Health & Training treats my whole self—mind, body and spirit and I know that I would be in a much different place today physically if I had not taken care of myself by doing this 10 years ago. I cannot place a value on health---it is truly priceless. Thanks Chris for 10 great years. Looking forward to the next 10!

Claudette St. Amant




Claire Rivette


In the spring of 2013 a MRI revealed that I had disc bulges at three levels: L3/L4, L4/L5 andL5/S1 with a tear in L4-5. As a result, physical therapy was recommended as well as epidural injections. The results nor the treatment plan were expected nor what I wanted to hear as I was a very physically active 42-year old woman with a busy life. I felt like there was a better way to work with my body to strengthen it and have it continue to work and serve me without the use of injections – which I viewed as an indefinite “band-aid” option.
Shortly thereafter a friend suggested I visit Chris Wall for a consultation and to see if he might be able to help me and offer another treatment option. I met Chris with my MRI report in hand and went through the consult – already feeling that I was in the hands of someone with experience and knowledgeable on the workings of the body. I was happy when he assured me that he, in fact, could work with me and get me back to enjoying my full and active life – pain free. I trusted him and we set off on our journey.
His knowledge, professionalism, passion and authenticity for my long term well being and health was demonstrated with each session. During our year together I was able to get to know him and his team – each are wonderfully unique, knowledgeable, passionate and make their clients and their needs a priority.
I am thrilled to report that today – with Chris’ guidance and expertise – I am now a 45-year old who lives my days to the fullest and have resumed my physically active lifestyle. I am so grateful to Chris and Trinity Holistic Health & Training for an exceptional and positive experience. I highly recommend them to anyone!
- Claire Rivette





Barbara albright


 A big shout out to Trinity Holistic Health & Training! I've practiced every exercise trend since 1982, from high impact aerobics, through step aerobics, Pilates, and barre. The group personal training with Channin at Trinity has produced better results than any of those trends. We participate in interval training that has strengthened all of the major muscle groups. All of the professionals at Trinity are open, friendly, and willing to work at whatever level you bring to exercise. The workout space is always clean, smells good, and has a wide variety of equipment. My thanks to Channin and the staff of Trinity for a productive and challenging fitness program! 

Barbara Albright




Gary Littlefield


I severely injured my back in 2006, and the initial diagnosis was for me to have immediate surgery to repair the damage. As fortune would have it, I was very blessed to meet Chris Wall at Trinity Holistic Health & Training.  Chris immediately performed a full assessment on me at his clinic and determined that he could develop a detailed program to build my core strength and address my imbalances.  After several sessions, I was able to return to the activities that I love, golf, yard work, etc.  I have since referred many of my valued clients and friends to Chris with outstanding results.


Gary Littlefield





Pat Harrop


In early 2013, my Golf Club Pro recommended that I visit Chris Wall at Trinity Holistic Health & Training to see if could do anything to improve my health. The main reason for that necessity was the result of poor mobility due to my triple back fusion in early January of 2010. Over those three years I had been in and out of Physical Therapy and reached the point that they had done all that they could do. 


When I entered the facility for my two hour evaluation with Chris I could barely walk 50 yards without quitting. After the evaluation, I asked Chris if he thought he could help me. He said sure and when I responded that was a very quick answer and asked him why he thought I could be helped, his answer was “You walked in here didn’t you”? As the process of healing started I disclosed that my wife and I had scheduled a trip to Scotland in August and I needed to get to the point that I could walk those golf courses. In August we made that trip and I walked 4 golf courses on 4 consecutive days. Through the help of Chris, Brandon and Julian my goal was made possible. I was thrilled with the results. And, as of today, I still consult with them about added improvement exercises to increase my overall strength and flexibility. 


Starting about nine months ago I added deep massage therapy to my regime. Heather Miller has allowed me to make tremendous strides in my overall physical health. As an ex athlete with many injuries, she has uncovered parts of my body (other than my back) that have needed serious attention for many years. It has changed the way I feel, how I sleep, walk, play golf, and many other benefits. Currently my golf game is as good as it has been in years due to the greatly improved flexibility. And, I am not as worried about driving because I can now turn in my seat so much better. 


And, I am now 72 years old, and my overall health is remarkably better than it has been in years.


Best Regard,
Pat Harrop



My journey to Trinity Holistic Health & Training is multifaceted to say the least.  I have suffered from chronic back pain for a good portion of my adult years.  I am 42 years old and still  extremely active but began to notice over the last two years that the chronic back pain had become more constant back pain.

So like anyone would do I sought the advice of a medical professional or several medical professionals.

After seeing several doctors and having x-rays and an MRI it was determined that there was no specific injury to my low back.  I was prescribed several months of physical therapy and injections which relieved only a small amount of the pain for a very short time with the pain returning at a much higher level upon completion of my treatment.  It was at that time a colleague of my wife's told her that I should try Trinity.

I was reluctant at first seeing as I had really not seen any results from several other modes of treatment.

At this point I had stopped weight training for over two years and had stopped running which is something that I had enjoyed for most of my life.  As a result, I figured that I was now hurting doing nothing at all therefore it was time to do something.  Three months ago I met with Chris for my initial consultation which  was very revealing to me to me at the time.

Chris' examination was so detail oriented and specific to my problem that I instantly gained confidence that he could really help me.  Without any information from he was able to tell from my stance, walk and positioning that I had suffered some significant injuries in my younger days that I was still nursing and that all of which were affecting my overall posture and now constant back pain.  We immediately went to work on those areas first before anything else with more of a ground up approach.  At this point he brought in both Lorraine Doucet (PT) and Julian Kelty to get to work on me and educate me on some of the obstacles that were causing my pain.  I have seen Chris for two days per week now and Lorraine and Julian once a week for the past three months and we are truly making strides with my pain. I have just recently started a food program with Julian that coincides with Chris' workouts to better fuel my training sessions.

Since joining the team at Trinity my back pain has been drastically reduced, I would have to say by 75%. I am back working out regularly and even am able to run again.  Chris' mode of training is unique in nature but extremely refreshing for someone who has always worked out on their own.  He is able to show me training techniques that really work and the correct way to perform them. 

I have learned a ton in my short time being there and with the help of Chris and his team I am not hesitant to do some really physical things I have avoided over the past few years, due to the pain.

I will continue my use of Trinity Holistic Health & Training and recommend anyone who has struggled with chronic or constant pain to sit down with Chris and see just what it is they have to offer.  For some it will be drastically life changing and for some it can be as simple as getting a good nights sleep.  The friendship and fellowship that coincides with the tough days working out with Trinity is just an added bonus. 


Brian Sharp 


liz laenger


I have to say in my mind I feel like I'm about 22.  In the last year I have noticed that I have had some aches and pains that I couldn't exactly say how I got them.  There was no injury. Getting them to heal has been quite a process.  My hip and lower back often compete with each other.  

I came to Channin with these issues.  He has been my trainer for over 10 years.  He worked with Chris Wall to develop a plan to strengthen  my hip and back curve which was causing inflammation in my facet joints.  I am so grateful to be at this facility.  My Doctor was recommending a steroid injection and stay off my feet until my hip heals.  Inevitably pain killers and other drugs would be introduced which I am vehemently opposed to.  It is amazing to me that stretching, exercise, getting adequate sleep, and resting has had dramatically affected the results.  

You know what? It's hard.  The more disciplined I am executing his program the more results I get.  I am so grateful for the push they give me to see it through.  I am finally getting results. 

This is a great facility.  The other members are friendly.  The staff is so helpful.  I look forward to recovering from this and continuing on my training journey at Trinity Holistic Health & Training.

All in,
Liz Laenger





Hi, my name is Roux and I am one of the luckiest dogs in the world! I was brought home a few years ago by my favorite person ever, Chris Wall. He's the best dad, he brings me to Trinity everyday where I get to lounge in my chair and say hello to everyone who walks in the door. My favorite part about Trinity is that everyone pets me and throws tennis balls for me to chase. My favorite hobbies include; eating, running around the gym, playing with my rope, getting loved on, and sleeping in my chair. Oh, I also thoroughly enjoy tormenting the mail lady, she thinks I'm ferocious and its pretty hilarious. 

As you can see I have THE life, and it would't be possible without my amazing human friends at Trinity. This place is awesome, I'd recommend it. 





David Duggins



Before coming to Trinity I had been to numerous doctors.  Due to basic degeneration I had limited mobility, in that I couldn't turn or bend very well.  I was very tight and in pain.

I had tried everything the doctor's had said and gave this process a try. 

Chris and his team prescribed a series of exercises and corrective stretching.  I was extremely skeptical because some of these exercises seemed so minute.

I was shocked at how much relief that it provided. In addition to that I am sleeping better and I have more energy.  I am also completing more strenuous exercises and workouts and have come to enjoy them.

I am so grateful to this team. I trust them.  I have told others about the results I've had because I don't want them to waste time with processes that don't work.

This works!!!!

David Duggins